Playlist vom DepecheBoot II

The very best of Depeche Mode & 80ies

Band Titel Mix DJ
Depeche Mode Get Right With Me   Data
Depeche Mode Shine   DRF
Depeche Mode Perfect   TS
Depeche Mode Sister Of Night   Data
Depeche Mode Peace   DRF
Depeche Mode Corrupt   TS
Depeche Mode Two Minute Warning   Data
Depeche Mode A Photograph Of You   DRF
Depeche Mode In Your Memory   TS
Depeche Mode Black Celebration Live DRF
Depeche Mode Halo Live DRF
Depeche Mode Shake The Disease Live DRF
Depeche Mode A Pain That I'm Used To Live DRF
Depeche Mode Get the balance right   TS
Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel   TS
Depeche Mode Route 66   TS
Depeche Mode People are people   TS
Depeche Mode World In My Eyes   Data
Depeche Mode Leave In Silence Live Data
Depeche Mode Shout Live Data
Depeche Mode But Not Tonight Margouleff Mix Data
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus HTTA DRF
Depeche Mode John The Revelator   DRF
New Order Blue Monday   DRF
Camouflage Love Is A Shield   DRF
Depeche Mode A Question of Time   TS
Kraftwerk Radioaktivität   TS
Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth   TS
Depeche Mode The Sun And The Rainfall   TS
Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes   Data
Depeche Mode Broken   Data
Depeche Mode Wrong   Data
Depeche Mode Photographic Live Data
Depeche Mode Just Can't Get Enough Live DRF
Depeche Mode Lilian   DRF
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams   DRF
Depeche Mode Compulsion   Drf
Depeche Mode enjoy the silence live Tom101
Depeche Mode stripped live Tom101
Depeche Mode dangerous   Steffen
Depeche Mode Rush live Steffen
Depeche Mode Strangelove Live Tom101
Depeche Mode NLMDA Live Tom101
Depeche Mode Lie to me live Steffen
Depeche Mode Fly on the Windscreen extended Steffen
Human lleague being boiled   Tom101
Anne clark sleeper in metropolis   Tom101
Depeche Mode Ice machine   Steffen
Depeche Mode Something to do   Domi
Depeche Moide Blasph Rumors   Domi
Depeche Mode It´s Called a Heart   Domi
Depeche Mode Soothe my Soul   Domi
Depeche Mode Nothing   Domi
Depeche Mode Dreaming of me   Domi
Depeche Mode My Secret Garden Live Exciter
Depeche Mode Everything Counts  Live Exciter
Depeche Mode People are People Live Exciter
Depeche Mode Master and Servant   Exciter
Depche Mode its no good Live Exciter
Depeche Mode Stories of Old   Exciter
Depeche Mode Somebody Chor Remix Exciter & Dominatrix

The Future of Pop
The very best of 90s Electro-, Synth- & Futurepop

Band Titel Mix DJ 
Paul Kalkbrenner Vorprogramm    
Silke Bischoff On the other side   Dominatrix
Tribantura Lack of Sense   Dominatrix
Wolsheim Künstliche Welten   Dominatrix
Devision  Try to forget   Dominatrix
Boytronic  You   Dominatrix
VNV Nation  Chrome   Dominatrix
Editors Papillion (Club Mix ) Exciter DJ
VNV Nation  Momentum (Album Version) Exciter DJ
Armageddon Dildos East West (Single Mix) Exciter DJ
Force Legato System (V1 Mix ) Exciter DJ
And One  Metal Hammer (Extended Version) Exciter DJ
Covenant dead stars   Tom101
Project Pitchfork Timekiller And one rmx Tom101
Culture Kultür Promised Land Blues   Steffen
Apop Nonstop Violence   Steffen
Das Ich Destillat VNV Remix Tom101
Ascii Disco Strassen   Tom101
And One  Steine sind Steine   Steffen
VNV Nation  Chrome   Steffen
Solitary Experiments Pale Candle Light   Tom101
Spock Never trust a klingon   Tom101
And One  Military Fashion Show   TS
Frozen Plasma Living on Video   TS
Hurts Wonderfulll Life Freemason Remix TS
Klangstabil Math And Emotion Square Root Of 1 TS
Mesh Born To Leih YG Special Mix Data
Apoptyma Berzerk Eclipse   Data
Melotron Folge Mir Ins Licht Verdienter Mix Des Volkes Data
Neuroticfish Wake Me Up   Data
VNV Nation  Control   DRF
Covenant Stalker Club DRF
Die Krupps Der Amboss   DRF
Ien Oblique Drowning World   DRF
Faderhead TZDV   TS
Revolution by Night Faithless Ronan Harris Mix TS
Frozen Plasma Murderous Trap   TS
Mesh Friends like these Decoder & Substance Remix TS
VNV Nation  Sentinal   TS
Torul Waterproof Theme   Data
Diorama Advance   Data
Biomekkanik State Of Perfection   Data
DAF Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal   Data
And One  Metallhammer   DRF
Front 242 Headhunter V1.0 DRF
Icon Of Coil Love As Blood   DRF
Wolsheim Once in a Lifetime   DRF
Covenant Call The Ships To Port   TS
And One  Technoman   TS
Iamx Nightlife   TS
Tiga & Zyntherius Sunglasses at night   TS